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We provide services in relation to Provident Fund as under:-

1. New Company Registrations.
2. Filing of necessary papers and obtaining PF registration code number for new establishment within prescribed time as per Act.
3. Form 5A (Return of ownership)
4. Form 9 (Revised)
5. Submission of Specimen Signature
6. Preparation of monthly Challan for EPF & deposited into bank within prescribed time as per Act.
7. Prepare Monthly Return :
      * Form 12A (Revised)
      * Form -5 (New Joinees)
      * Form-10 (Resigned)
8. Preparation of Form- 7(IF)
9. PF Eligibility Register
10. Maintenance of all statutory registers required by the PF authorities.
11. Preparation of Monthly PF Ledger.
12. Nomination & Declaration Forms in Form No. 2 (Revised) of the new employees
13. Declaration form in Form- 11(Revised)
14. Attend PF inspector for inspection of records, appearing before the concerned authorities on behalf of the employer in 7-A proceedings under EPF Act
15. All assessment & inspection from EPF department, when required.
16. Information with regard to any amendment/changes in the act will be informed immediately.
17. Form No. 3-A (Monthly Contribution of the employees)
18. Form No. 6-A (Annual Return)
19. Bank Reconciliation
20. "DBF" Database File in soft copy
21. Assist in issuance of Annual PF A/c slips.
22. Receipt of forms (19 & 10-C) after 60 days of leaving of the employee making settlement.
23. Receipt of PF transfer forms (Form 13) from new appointees and sending them to RPFC/Ex-Employers trust for getting the fund transferred through the concerned RPFC office.
24. Taking care the process of PF withdrawals and Transfer within prescribed time as per Act.
25. Scrutiny of papers to ensure that same are within the norms as specified under the rules.
26. Acknowledging the transferred received.